Creating a Peaceful Home Environment.

Creating a Peaceful Home Environment.

As we are faced with a nationwide lockdown, the thoughts of having to spend the next few weeks indoors can be mentally taxing. It is essential we try to create a peace environment within our homes. Here are some tips to survive and thrive during this challenging time.


Stay connected to loved ones

It’s important to stay connected with friends and family members, to avoid a sense of isolation while you keep to yourself at home. Modern day technologies make it easy to still experience a sense of strong connection, so get on your favourite video calling app and connect with loved ones.


Do things that make you happy indoors

What do you usually enjoy doing at home? For some it may be reading a book and for others joy may come from playing video games or watching movies. Whatever it may be, use this time to reconnect with your favourite indoor hobbies.


Activities for the children

If you have children, we highly recommend you organise activities for them, so they are not left bored or become a burden.

For younger children divide their day between playtime activities and learning time. You can make learning easy and fun for them by incorporating it into play activities. Play games with them like “guess the capital city of…?”


Gardening can help us turn this situation into a positive – we can sow seeds or plant seedlings now and watch them develop and bloom over the coming weeks and months. And the well-documented benefits of gardening to our mental health and physical wellbeing are more important now than ever.


Take regular walks

We have been advised to avoid gatherings, but it doesn’t mean we cannot go for walks at the park alone. Spending long hours locked indoors is not good for our mental health. So if you are healthy, take regular walks but avoid others and follow the set guidelines.


Exercise at home

Exercising does wonders for your mental health. While you are spending all this time at home, get your yoga mat out, turn on YouTube and find your favourite yoga instructor. Then get yourself into a fit state with your downward dogs and cobra poses, before relaxing in a shavasana state.

Of course, you do not have to do yoga; you can choose another form of exercise. If you have exercise equipment at home, now is the time to make good use of them.



Aimed at slowing the heart rate rather than raising it, meditation might just keep you sane and save your relationships with your nearest and dearest.

There are dozens of apps promising to help you breathe your way to peace of mind – as long as you can find a quiet corner of your home to focus.



Source: Surviving COVID-19: Creating a Peaceful Environment During Lockdown - Emop


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