50 Days Things to Do During Winter Holidays

50 Days Things to Do During Winter Holidays

The winter school holidays are coming up, and it's best to be prepared! Keep the kids from bouncing off the walls inside and get out there.

DOC asked Kiwi children to put together a list of things they love to do in nature. DOC listened to all their ideas and created a list of the top things the kids love doing.

1. Cook on a camp fire

2. Discover beach shells

3. Explore on wheels (bike, scooter, skateboard)

4. Spot sealife - rockpools are great!

5. Get creative with sand

6. Roll down a really big hill

7. Splash in puddles

8. Create a home for wildlife

9. Have fun with sticks

10. Scavenger hunts

11. Fly a kite - great for windy days!

12. Building an outdoor den.

13. Make friends with bugs

14. Helping plants to grow - get them gardening early.

15. Outdoor hide and seek

16. Stargazing

17. Watch a bird

18. Taking photos of nature

19. Explore a stream

20. Playing in the mud - sorry parents!


Here's just a few ideas to get the kids outdoors, even if it can be cold, wearing the right clothes will make it a non-issue. Have fun!


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