Sustainable Garden

Sustainable Garden

Tips for sustainable and low water use gardening 


  • Plan ahead by installing a water tank connected to downpipes to collect rainwater off lead-free roofs for watering plants and cleaning of tools and equipment. You don’t need consent for some rain tanks for outdoor water use, provided they meet the guidelines for size and support above ground. 
  • Small barrels connected to a dripper line irrigation system are ideal to keep young fruit trees alive during dry spells (you can choose from 200 litres, 500 litres or 1000 litre water tanks).
  • Use mulches such as decomposed leaves, cardboard, soft tissue hedge trimmings, tree mulch, straw and hay around vegetables and herbs and lay sacking, old carpet to hold and absorb water in the soil on pathways and around ornamentals.
  • Get prepared by planting native and exotic shelter plants to reduce the drying impact of winds. Create shades for those leafy veggies by planting taller crops, e.g. broad beans on the northern side of the garden beds, inter-planting small size veggies among larger plants, thus reducing the transpiration and evaporation during the dry spells.
  • Use terracotta or clay pots as they hold moisture better than plastic containers.


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