Hidden Gems to visit this Summer

Hidden Gems to visit this Summer

With temperatures getting to a toasty 25 degrees, the warm inviting lakes to swim in, beaches never more than a few kilometers away, countless adventures to be had and places to be explored during the warmer summer months. Here is a list of some of New Zealand's greatest hidden treasures. 


Waikawau beach tunnel

By @captures_by_chris

The isolated and raw beach at Waikawau is a hidden gem of the King County coast. The stock tunnel forms a unique entrance corridor to the black sands and deeply eroded cliffs of the beach. Exiting the tunnel is like stepping into another world. Tufts of flax cling precariously to the sheer faces of the spectacular sandstone cliffs. The loose rock structure is etched with lines and hollows from wind and water weathering the crumbling strata.


Blue Pools, Haast Pass

By @mariehblackmore

Follow a small forest track from Makarora Road and discover the clear blue swimming pools. This is the perfect spot to stop if you are travelling between Lake Wanaka and the West Coast. Blue Pools derive name from the glacial flour suspended in the water which gives them a deep blue colour. Watch people bridge jump into the glacial waters or build rock stacks on the beach.



Marokopa Falls

By @wallstromamanda

The 35 m high falls are often described as the most beautiful in the country. Here the Marokopa River cascades over the undercut greywacke basement rock. Take the short track through tawa and nikau forest down to the viewing platform.


Hamurana Springs

By @jv_traveling

Hamurana Springs is a wonderful place to perk yourself up with a non-strenuous short walk in a tranquil setting, far away from the drama of daily life.And the water! Crystal clear but laced with shades of turquoise, jade and emerald, it looks so inviting it's hard to resist throwing your clothes off and diving right in.



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