Elea Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Elea Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Elea Olive Olive Oil offers excellent 100% natural, non GMO, cold extracted organic extra virgin olive oil for Loutraki, Greece.

The estate on which this wonderful oil is produced lies in the sun drenched hills of Greece’s Mani peninsula. Owned by the Katsetos family since 1860, the land produces the highest quality olive oil for the world community.

This oil is luscious and soft with a full, round body and a strong fruity nose. With hints of papaya and distinct floral notes, it evokes senses of long summer days and fields of buttercups (descriptions from judges at the many international competitions where the Elea Oil has won multiple awards).

In ancient times the same trees produced the olive oil but this was considered a medicine before a food. It healed and aided almost anything from coughs, to heart and skin problems. The people from this part of the Peloponnese are known to be the longest living group on earth, probably based on the very low number of heart problems.

The variety of olives used for this fabulous oil is Koroneiki, which is considered in Greece to be the best olive for oil, as it is very small with a large seed. The location of the trees is in both Sparta and Corinth in the south east area of the Peloponnese, specifically known as the Mani Peninsula.

Since ancient times these two adjoining areas have been very highly regarded for olive oil, Sparta being more robust and the more barren Corinth being ‘gentler and softer’, blended together this makes a truly outstanding Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Elea Olive Oil is a true artisan oil, as the estate is small and family owned, the trees are tended and harvested with great care. Only traditional methods are used. The oil is pressed/milled at low temperatures as this ensures the maximum flavour and full body composition is retained. The term for this is cold pressed. The fruit is processed within 24hrs of picking, and this timing is crucial as quality in the picked fruit drops very quickly.

Available now in Huckleberry: 500ml - $13.00 & 1L - $20.95

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